Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Type A Personality

Two new colours of Classic Elite Liberty Wool have arrived. Must finish my socks!

There are two new patterns as well.  These patterns are free when you purchase Liberty Prints.

Cable Flower Hat
A beret-style hat worked from the bottom up with a ribbed based and a cabled top. The crown decreases are incorporated into the cable pattern, which uses a variety of cable stitches to create a flower with six petals.

Liberty Wool by Classic Elite 
All sizes: 2 balls
Shown in:
7804 Painted Desert (print version)
7819 Orchid Pink (solid version)

Garter Stitch Wrap
An easy-to-knit wrap worked entirely in garter stitch from the bottom point up. The scalloped edge is a six row repeat and is made by casting on stitches at the beginning of the row.
Liberty Wool by Classic Elite 
5 balls 7802 Art Deco Wavelength
Blogger is trying to make me angry again.  I have formatted the information for both products exactly the same but one is coming out with a much bigger font.  Come on.  Please work with me.

I am a touch anal (yes-Type A Personality) about things like this.  It is taking everything in me not to erase this post and start again so that it all looks the same.

Here is a small story about me that most don't know.  There were many days in high school and university when I couldn't write fast enough (that was neat enough for me) to keep up with the teachers/profs.  I would take the notes down quickly and then go home at night and rewrite them.  My notes were so neat in high school that my teachers asked if they could have them after I graduated.

There hasn't been any knitting today.  It is 6 weeks until the Knitter's Frolic so I started working on kits for the show.  I can procrastinate on a lot of things (like my tax return) but I like to have everything for a show ready to be packed at least a week in advance.

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