Monday, March 21, 2011

To Do

My to do list is very long today.  The cool thing about my list is that I can add to it on my iPad, iPhone or MacBook and through MobileMe it updates my calendars on all three devices.  No more writing it on one and then forgetting to add it to another.  I can also set it to send me email reminders a day or a few hours before an event.  No excuses for missing an appointment now.

From my iPad.

From my iPhone.

Accounting and then write cheques later on?  Isn't this the same?  There was an important cheque that I had to write so I wrote it on its own so I didn't forget.  :)

The banking and accounting are done.  This is the chore that is always put off so I sat down and did it first thing this morning.

The kitchen has been cleaned and the dish washer is running.  I love my dogs but somedays I wish they would pick their dishes up off the floor and put them in the dishwasher!!

This is another one of those never ending posts with lots of pictures.

I make a quick trip to Burlington and stopped at the store to bring Jane lunch.  This is her current knitting.  Jane can't get enough of Kaffe Fassett.  This one is in Aran weight for her husband.  The colours look amazing.

People ask me how long it takes Jane to knit a garment.  She picked up this yarn on Tuesday and the back is done past the armholes.

On Saturday my dad changed the flags in front of the store.

The spring flags are up and they are talking about 10cm of snow on Wednesday.

My sock is done.  I am going to block both socks together. Yes, the second sock has been cast on and I am going to knit two socks that match.

The toe was different than the toe I normally do.  The pattern calls it the modified star toe.  I am laughing as I am writing this.  It sounds like I am some sort of sock expert.  :)

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lookinout said...

I can't justify a Mobile-me acct or an iPad. It's a pity! I like gadgets and I have done Mac for many years. Gillian