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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I guess the pictures of the spring flags was a bad idea.

This morning I debated going to work.  Schools were closed and when I watched the news they said to stay off the roads.

I forgot to get a picture of my car before cleaning the snow off.  There was at least 4" of snow on it by 9am.

I was a bit late but that was a good thing because the parking lot was just being cleaned when I got there.  It snowed and snowed all day.

I left early (no customers) and came home to find out that our road and driveway hadn't been cleaned yet.

Thankfully there was a path for me to walk up. Otherwise I would have been in snow above my ankles.

Here is the start of the driveway being cleaned. We got way more than the 6" of snow that was forecast.  Thank goodness all the past snow had melted.  There wouldn't have been anywhere for them to put todays.

I have no knitting pictures to show.  My sock has only progressed a few more rows.  Knitting class for tonight has been cancelled so there should be lots of knitting accomplished during Survivor, Idol and Criminal Minds.

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Lauraline said...

Oh no, poor you. I'm in Montreal, hopefully it's not coming my way... We had some snow on Monday, but it is gone alredy nd we see a lot of grass. Good luck, Spring will be ther soon!