Monday, March 14, 2011

Socks are progressing

Many customers ask me how I count my rows on double pointed needles.  Row counters won't stay on your needles.  A pen and paper?  That works until you can't find a pen and for some reason there is a pen fairy in my house who steals them.

This is a screen shot from my iPhone showing how I keep track of rows.  You can download the Vogue Knitting app to your iPhone or iPad.

The app also lets you keep track of the needles you own.  Great when you are in a yarn shop and don't know if you have the needles for your new project.

My socks are progressing. I'm not even bored with them yet which is saying a lot. I don't think there is going to be a problem knitting the second one.  :)

I really like the pattern and am going to ask Jane to knit a pair in the new Noro sock yarn that (fingers crossed) should be arriving today.

I like working with the 5" needles until it comes to the heel.  32 stitches on the 5" needle is tight.

This heel is called Eye of Partridge.  It is easy to do-you are working K1, slip 1 on the right side rows.  The only difference to the heel I usually do is that my slip ones line up and on this heel you are staggering them.

The Amazing Race last night was a bit unsatisfying.  I don't like To Be Continued.  Tell me who was the last team to arrive and has been eliminated!!

Celebrity Apprentice.  Those women sure are opinionated and if you don't follow their thoughts then look out.

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