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Monday, March 07, 2011


I am home now and my head feels great.  :)  Trish cut off a lot of hair.

Last Monday Jane took home a few balls of Katia Tul.  This is yarn to make a ruffles scarf for summer.  Two balls and eight stitches were used.  I really like it in the pure white.

Some knitting was accomplished yesterday. One front of the cardigan is done and I cast on for the second one.  I am not sure when it happened but I can no longer read a knitting pattern.  Row 1 and 2 were fine but row 3 stumped me. K6, *K6, yo, ssk* to last 3 stitches, K3.  I know, it is a hard row but I should have been able to do it.  When I got to the end I didn't have 3 stitches so I started ripping out.  Guess what?  I forgot the first K6 at the beginning of the row.  Seriously.  This is getting annoying.  I'm thinking that I will have someone read me the first few rows until I get the pattern going from now on.

In the newsletter that went out last week I talked about Berroco Origami.  There were pictures from the new magazine.  Here are a few free patterns from Berroco's website.

Johannes is a flattering short sleeved cardigan knit in a waving openwork stitch pattern.
Basque's scoop neckline is edged with fluttering ruffles. This feminine hip-length tee is belted at the waist for a stately Grecian silouhette.
Brighten up your warm weather wardrobe with our easy tailored cardigan with horizontal rib accents.

I had hoped to fit a pedicure in this afternoon but it isn't going to happen.  There is something awful called accounting.  It needs to be done so that I can get my tax return done.  Some days it is hard to believe that I actually wanted to make a career out of accounting.  Maybe I will treat myself to that pedicure next Monday.

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