Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Shelves

I decided that we needed some new shelving in the store. Dad and I measured them a few months ago and the cabinet maker finally had some time last week to make them.

This is Jamie and Kelsey bringing them in this afternoon.

The first shelf is beside the cash desk.  This will hold small items that were floating around on the floor.

There is also some storage at the bottom so we can put things where everyone can find them.

The next shelf is in the hallway.  Right now it is going to hold tosh dk.  It might look a bit empty for a week until a huge order arrives from madelinetosh.

The last shelves are in the room on the left-double knitting weight and sock yarns.  The area where the Baby Bamboo lives was starting to drive me crazy.

I couldn't put too many yarns out today until my dad comes in and screws the shelving into the walls.

Some of the yarns that lived in baskets on the floor can now go on shelves.  There will still be a few baskets but less than there was.  Until my dad agrees to make the store bigger there isn't much I can do.

I designed the shelves so that there will be a place to put the baby pattern books and leaflets.

The store is going to be a mess for the next few days until I work it out in my head where yarns are going to move to.

I'm heading back to the store to meet my dad.  We could be a while so I am going to hit Publish now.

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Lois Evensen said...

Very nice. Getting more organized always lifts the spirits, too.