Monday, March 07, 2011


Today is my day. I am finally having my hair cut and coloured. Both my parents were grey at a young age and that passed that to Beth and I. I know that hair shouldn't be important but I love going to the hair salon.

There was lots of reality tv last night. Why don't people ask for directions on The Amazing Race? You are in Japan. Can you read the road signs?? Then Celebrity Apprentice. I'm not sure we can even call them B List stars. I watched David Cassidy in The Partridge Family. Yes there was a small crush!! We also saw him in EFX in Vegas. What happened? The years haven't treated him well. Richard Hatch is the same person he was on Survivor. I think Donald kept him because the bickering will make good tv.

Trish is done so I am going to post. There will be a knitting related post when I get home.

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