Friday, March 18, 2011

Give me strength

Dinner last night with the kids went great.  Sometimes you worry when there are eleven year old twins and a thirteen year old.  We decided to give them money for their birthdays.  Very big hit.  They love going shopping and picking out their own presents.  We forget that they are their own people and sometimes we try and buy a gift that they can all share.  It is amazing how different their likes are.

A cute story about the twins.  I can't tell them apart.  When they were five I commented to them that the twin whose name starts with a B should always wear blue to help us.  Since that day whenever we see the twins, B is always wearing a blue shirt.  Life is much easier now.  :)

Yesterday I mentioned that Silk Garden Lite was available again.  Here are the shades.  I have two cardigans in the yarn and love it!!

#2038 is calling my name.  I have shoes with those colours-it would make a great outfit.  :)

Here is a sample of Silk Garden Lite from Jenny Watson's Catwalk Two.

Silk Garden Lite
45% silk
45% mohair
10% lambswool

$11.95 a ball.

There were two new yarns in the shipment as well.

The vest is knit in Tanabata and the pattern can be found in the new magazine from Noro-#29.  Ann is going to knit it up as a sample for the store.

33% Cotton
27% Nylon
17% Rayon
16% Wool
7% Silk
80m on a 50gram ball
Suggested needle size 6mm
$11.95 a ball

The pattern for the Nobori vest can also be found in Noro #29.

42% Cotton
31% Nylon
14% Wool
13% Silk
160m on a 100gram ball
$19.95 a ball

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