Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Call me geek

The knitting bug was squashed last night.  My shoulder was killing me so I just sat and relaxed.  I would like to blame it on my chiropractor but I think I slept wrong on it the night before.  There is no way I am going to blame it on knitting all day Sunday.  :)

Today Mr. FedEx brought me two huge boxes of Frill Seeker and Frill Seeker Lace Effect

Frill Seeker
Eight brand new colours

$15 a ball.
Some customers are getting two scarves out of one ball.
Moss Greens
Black, grey, white
Light Blues
Jade Turquoise
Purple, brown, blue
This is the colour I used in Frill Seeker Lace Effect (pictured below)
Turquoise, Navy

Frill Seeker Lace Effect

I started the scarf and Jane finished it yesterday.

This colour looks blue in the picture but it is definitely mauve in the ball.
This colour looks pink in the picture but it is more red in real life.

A few customers have been confused about finishing off their scarves.  I cast off normally.  Work one stitch, work another stitch and lift the first stitch over the second stitch and off the needle. Work another stitch and then take the far right stitch on the right needle and lift it over the left stitch.  Continue until all stitches are cast off and you have one loop left.  Feed the tail of the yarn through the loop.

On my picture the cast off edge is in bright blue.  It looks like chains.  What am I going to do with the long tail that remains?  I am going to use a needle and thread and sew it down along the cast off edge (the chains).

One of my jobs tonight is to set up wireless internet in my parents house.  We gave this to my mom for Christmas and I need to get it done.  Hopefully it is as easy as the salesman at Best Buy said it was. If not the Geek Squad will be visiting next week.


purplekatkin said...

I really love those scarves and the colors are like jewels.I was wondering if they are difficult to knit?.

Julie said...

The scarves aren't hard to knit. There are a few YouTube videos that show you step by step

Triana and Frill Seeker Lace Effect

For Frill Seeker and Ondas