Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oops-I forgot someone

I made a big omission in yesterday's blog post. I thanked many companies for their donations to the retreat. I somehow forgot Classic Elite Yarns (note to self-check your blog posts before you hit publish). Betsy and her staff generously donated a skein of Montera and a great hat pattern for every goody bag. A big thank you to Classic Elite and I am very sorry for leaving out your name.

The new colours of Noro Iro arrived yesterday afternoon. We were busy unpacking the boxes from Camp and didn't get the Iro opened. The new colours are great.

Cherry Garcia is the name of this neck warmer. One skein of Iro and 8mm, 40cm circular needles. Are you afraid of cables? This is a great pattern to get you over the hurdle.

The pattern is a free download. Check out the Hello Yarn blog.

The yarn is already on the shelves. I took a picture of each colour because it shows the colours better than on the website.

This is colour 99-Orange, Pinks, Brown.
When I look at this I see orange/rust, brown, purple, hot pink, lime green and yellow.

Colour 96-Greens, Pink, Purple.
The picture doesn't do this colour justice. It is mostly green (bright, dark and a touch of lime) with rust. There is a small touch of purple and pink.

Colour 95-Blues, Greens, Bronze.
My iPhone doesn't like taking pictures of blue yarn. This is definitely blue with a touch of rust and green.

Colour 94-Browns, Greens, Grey.
The predominant colour of this is lime/yellow and olive green. There are touches of black, burgundy, brown, fuchsia and rust.

Colour 90-Rose, Yellow, Green, Purple.
The picture of this yarn is the truest of all the colours. This is actually a colour from the fall of 2008 that never arrived so I am going to call it a new colour for this fall.

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