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Friday, October 09, 2009

Knit me, knit me

Last night I received an email from Phyllis who lives in the Yukon. It was snowing there yesterday and she said the kind of snow that doesn't go away quickly. YUCK!! In Southern Ontario it is definitely a day that we should all be at home in front of a fire knitting. The rain is not stopping.

I am sitting in the Rowan room working on Knitting Camp and watching the golf. The Rowan Lima keeps talking to me. Knit me, knit me. Be quiet-no more new projects. I am making up kits for Camp and needed some pictures from the Rowan website. I came across this darn poster for Lima. It isn't making my life any easier. Knit me, knit me.

The golf is getting interesting so I am going to put the computer away. I wish I could knit but I really need to finish sewing in the ends on my Log Cabin Afghan. Yes, it has been "finished" for quite a long time but I didn't disclose that not all the ends were sewn in. Now that I have it on my lap I really want to make another one with the new colours for fall. Knit me, knit me.

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