Thursday, November 02, 2006

Moebius Update

After reading some of your comments yesterday and today I noticed that I didn't tell you what yarns I used. A few people said that they liked the first one better-I do too.

The first one used Trendsetter Pandora Shadow. There are actually 3 yarns within the yarn. The yarns change much like the colours change in Noro.

The second one is out of Trendsetter Tiffany. The yarn has metallic running through it giving it a nice shine.

Dad made it safely back to Myrtle Beach. He called at 9 this morning to make sure I was up for work-I think it was to gloat on the fact that it was already 65 degrees there.

Beth's day wasn't as good. It was snowing in Fort McMurray this morning-she was happy for her ski jacket.

Melo didn't enjoy being a store dog today. Most people loved talking and playing with him but a few were put off. I put him on his leash and attached it to a chair. He can move around enough but he couldn't go greet them. He is standing beside me now with a toy saying 'Please come play with me. I had a hard day!!' I am off to the living room floor. He loves it when you lay down and he can run around and over you. This lasts about 5 minutes and then he goes to play by himself. You are uncomfortable on a hard floor but he is extremely happy.

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Samantha said...

Ah yes, the things we do to make our puppies happy ... Cybil likes it when we lay on the floor with her too. Not my favourite thing to do, but she is too cute to resist. LOL

Have you seen my latest blog post? I think you'll be excited! :)