Monday, November 02, 2015

Happy Monday

Today was a special day. A trip to see Trish at the hair salon. No more grey. And my hair is shorter. It makes for a happy morning and I even got a few rows knit.
My Auburn Wave in Dream in Color Jilly with Cashmere is growing. The yarn is amazing to knit with. Supersoft!

Looking for a project to work on for our store KAL? This pattern is great. Don't know about the store KAL? Take a look at my blog post from last week...

A parcel went to Ann this afternoon for her to knit me the Guernsey Wrap in Rowan's Hemp Tweed. (The wrap only needs 6 balls but I sent 10 so that Ann can make it longer for me) Of course I picked purple. The decision was hard though. The colours are awesome.

A newsletter went out this morning. In case it didn't arrive in your inbox, you can download it here...

Beth and I just had dinner out and saw this really cool can.
No dad, Beth did not have a beer with dinner. It was on the table beside us :)

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