Sunday, November 09, 2014

New Techniques

Beth started a new project last night.

Pattern: Technicolor Mosaic Cowl (you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry)
Yarn: Classic Elite Liberty wool - black and a new colour that will be coming in the spring of 2015
Shhh! It’s not fairisle! The amazing “Techni-Cowl” is deceptively simple and fun to work in the mosaic knitting technique. A solid color yarn and Noro work together to fantastic technicolor effect. Try two similar shades for more a monochromatic look or two color changers for a really psychedelic knitting experience!
Knitted in the round, the Technicolor Mosaic Cowl has a fluted base that is shaped by changing to a larger needle size for the last couple of pattern repeats. Since Noro does all the color changing, this project has no finishing or multiple ends to sew in. Specific instruction is given on how to follow a simple chart, so this is a great first-time mosaic knitting project! 
I've read about Mosaic knitting but haven't actually tried it. Beth is enjoying it. Her comments about why she likes it better than fair isle knitting
-she doesn't have to worry about tension. When she is carrying colours she is continually asking me if she is pulling the colours too tight
-it is faster than fair isle knitting because you are only using one colour in a row. No dropping the yarn to pick up the other colour.
I'm six rows into Clue #2 on Exploration Station. Once you get going on the Brioche stitch it is very rhythmic. I found that watching the video was good to see where the pattern was going but following the words was better when I started working the pattern. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to knit while watching football today but it hasn't been a problem. The problem is that Beth is knitting too so I'm in charge of the converter. That is cutting into my knitting time.

It's almost time for Homeland. I'm not sure that I should take this upstairs with me. That might be asking too much.
Something else is growing. Beth and dad went out on Saturday. According to my dad the work is good. The lumber is good. The walls are straight.
This is the living room. There will be a window at the end on the left, then the fireplace is the big spot in the middle and there will be a window to the right of the fireplace.
 This is where the stair case will be.
This is the dining area. This will be what we see out of the back of the house. Open land and trees. Never a house. In the next few weeks they will be able to give us the actual date that they think it will be finished.

Exciting and scary at the same time :)

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Linda said...

The new house looks amazing. It's being built so fast and the view is wonderful. Sweet spot. Thanks for the peeks at Exploration Stn too.