Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Coming Soon

Since my post earlier today wasn't a new post I decided to do another one.

And I will start with the important information. After work I drove to the other end of town to go grocery shopping and saw something interesting on my way. On the way home I pulled into the parking lot of the original Tim's on Wilson Street. Celli's was in that spot for a while and then it has been empty for over a year. I'm pretty positive that the Starbucks logo was on the Coming Soon sign. I know that Cathy will be very happy.

Lynn came in today wearing L'Enveloppe. This is a great pattern written by Sally Melville. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

Lynn's yarn - tosh merino in dr. zhivago's sky. She used 3.5 skeins.
From Sally
Every time I wear this and everywhere I go, I’ve had it commented on—by strangers on the street, by shop owners or customers, by knitters or non. And each time they say something like “I love that … thing you’re wearing!” No-one knows what to call it, and—frankly—neither do I. Because one arm goes through (as does the neck) but the other arm is free, it’s not a cape, not a poncho, not a shrug, not a shawl, not a cowl. It’s small enough to wear under a coat but big enough to wear instead of one. And it envelops us in style. And so here’s its moniker: L’Enveloppe. (As you might imagine, this is French for envelope. Its style led me there. I suppose its name could have been “That thing you wear on an airplane in case the AC is turned too high,” but that didn’t sit as well on the page.)
Thank you Lynn for giving me great pictures.

I'm on the second to last row of Clue #1 of Exploration Station (the Mystery KAL). I'm going to finish tonight. I want to be ready for Friday morning! There are some great colour combinations being used by knitters in the store KAL. Take a look on Ravelry... Maybe we will inspire you to join in. There is still lots of time to catch up.

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