Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Leaf Lace Hat

The pattern is free in Classic Elite's latest Web-Letter...

From Meg at Classic Elite
The pleasure and angst of what project to start next: cast on for something that speaks to you in the moment, or plan ahead so it will be ready for the appropriate season? For me, autumn is a break from that conundrum. The cooler temperatures call for small accessories that I can make and wear in the same season.For example, this Lace Leaf Hat that Susan designed in Liberty Wool. Each of the three sizes takes just two balls and the lace is cleverly incorporated into the crown shaping, making it a quick and interesting knit. Although it is still warm in many places, residents of my mountainous hometown in Colorado are already preparing for harvest and fall.
Love it or List it is on while I'm working. If you watch the show then this will make sense. David took the couple through a townhouse in my complex. I called Beth screaming. How did we miss the filming?? They don't tell you what city/town they are in. I was typing and glanced up and things looked familiar. The inside was very familiar and then they did a shot of the surroundings. Definitely our street. (I'm home from work now and the episode was on again. We watched it and are very glad that they didn't move into our neighbourhood. They were very extremely rude to Hillary and David - yelling at both of them.)

We talked to mom this afternoon. All is good on the cruise. Dad is fishing (salmon and halibut) all day today. She was undecided what her plan for the day was. Maybe a nap. Maybe a trip on deck for lunch. Maybe room service. She needs to rest up because tomorrow they are in Ketchican. Dad opted out of an adventure so that they could go in to town together. There will be lots of walking. And shopping. There were many trips to the post office to pick up parcels after their last cruise.

I haven't really knit for the past few days. Somehow I hurt my wrist so I've tried to rest it. It's feeling better tonight so I'm moving to the couch. Baseball (come on Jays-get your act together) and Big Brother.

Just as I was about to hit Publish a call came from dad. He had an amazing day fishing. "The best fishing ever!" There were 4 of them on the boat and they caught 40 salmon and 2 halibut. That is one huge haul. Their captain told them that Sitka has some of the best fishing in Alaska. Now it's time to knit.

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lookinout said...

Regarding Love it or List it, and most of these other programs, I figure they work at having the participants rude. Hillary is rude to her work crew, the house owners are always mouthy, and David & Hillary are rude to each other. If the children of any of us spent their time behaving like 'reality' show participants, they'd be in permanent timeout. I do not like behaviour of that type and I think society is learning worse manners. My rant!