Monday, August 04, 2014

Josh Bennett

Josh has a new collection of patterns for men and women. Some of us got a bit of a sneak peek at Camp last fall.

From Rowan:
Our second collection of designs available to purchase as a digital download featuring eight catwalk inspired patterns, exclusively designed by Josh Bennett using Alpaca Cotton, Alpaca Chunky, Rowan Tweed, Lima & Cocoon.
Designs for men & women including a slim fitting cardigan, motif sweaters, hoodie and cosy winter cover up.
You can purchase the patterns individually at £4 each ($7 US), or buy all 8 patterns as an entire collection for £12.00 ($18 US).
You can purchase one or all of the patterns on Ravelry... 

There hasn't been any knitting today. Instead I cleaned. Not a fun job but it had to be done. There was quite a bit of time spent in my office. It looked like a tornado had hit the room. Now it's organized. 

We watered the plants at the store yesterday and I was hoping for rain today. The Weather Network said that it was supposed to come. There are even thunderstorm warnings. It hasn't started yet and now I'm hoping if/when it does it is gentle. Not like what is happening in Burlington. The streets are flooded. Roads are closed. What a mess. Good luck to those who live in Burlington - I hope your basement isn't flooded.

I was just getting ready to proof read my post when the phone rang. My parents called from Juneau. Dad went zip lining today and had a great time. Dinner and then they are heading into town because the ship doesn't leave until late. They sounded great and are having fun.

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