Friday, August 15, 2014

Sterling Rose

While we were at the trade show in May, Toby Roxane came by wearing an amazing cardigan. I asked if I could take pictures and share with you because it was so cute. The pattern is now available on Ravelry so I went back through my photos. Here they are.
Pattern: Sterling Rose
Yarn: DK - there are many, many options
-tosh dk
-Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag
-FDC Zara or Sportwool
-Naturally Amuri
-Rowan Felted Tweed or Alpaca Colour

I love the lace edgings.

Rowan has added some free patterns to their website.
Knit this accessory textured snood, available as a free pattern to download. Designed by Vicky Sedgwick using the luxurious yarn Cocoon (wool and mohair), this snood can be knitted in the pattern to your desired length and can be worn loose or wrapped round double.
Download the pattern... 

Yes, there is a bit of difference in how I have my pictures and text formatted. Blogger decided to mess around with me. I tried to make these look the same but no luck. It got to the point of throwing the computer and screaming so I decided to leave it as it is.

Knit this shaped, cable and moss stitch textured cardigan. Designed by Sarah Hatton in Felted Tweed DK (Merino Wool, Alpaca, Viscose).Originally featured in Rowan Studio 8, this pattern is now available for free download. For the intermediate knitter.
Download the pattern... 

For some people, getting home from work means a glass of wine. For me it means getting my knitting out!! Have a good evening.

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Me? Knitting AND wine! :)