Monday, June 23, 2014

Golf Day

I have been trying to do a bit more golfing this summer. Unfortunately it hasn't worked out so far but Beth and I made a tee time for this afternoon.

It was bright and sunny until we started the 10th hole. Then it started to lightly rain. We decided to call it a day. We could have kept going but what if it really started raining when we were the farthest point from the clubhouse? Also, if we didn't play the 10th then they would only charge me for 9 holes.
Thank goodness. This is the rain just after we got home. And not the worst of the rain. We would have been wet. Very, very wet!

Why is my post so late? I did it. Auburn Wave is done. Not blocked - tomorrow night - but the knitting is finished.
I'm so tired (and a bit sore) that I literally threw it on the floor for the picture. Better ones tomorrow in day light.

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Irene said...

On the floor pictures are not so bad! Sorry about your golf game, however you did have to wait for the snow to melt, this year.