Friday, June 13, 2014


Is it time to get your needles in order? The BYOB from Namaste is back in stock in all colours.
Introducing the latest and greatest in organization for the needlearts industry...the Namaste B.Y.O.B.!!! (Build Your Own Binder) BYOB is a fully customizable, sleek shell tool binder with 3 optional page types for personal customization. The BYOB case features an exterior rear zipper compartment, removable exterior wristlet, and 3 interior mesh pockets (2 1/2 pockets on front interior & 1 full wall rear interior pocket). The BYOB is perfect for wrangling any tools and is sold as an empty unit (includes the above-mentioned features). The BYOB has 3 different page styles/options, each sold separately, and include an Interchangeable Page, Long Straight Page, and Mesh Double Pocket Page. 
Don't forget that it is Heritage Days in Ancaster tomorrow.
Wilson Street will be closed in the morning.
Cathy will be the store (I have a wedding to go to) for 10am if you live close and can walk. Or if you park at the corner and walk up. Or if you can talk the nice police officer into letting you up the street.

Melo (on the left) loves to watch TV. Especially when there are animals. He goes running up and wags his tail. He's also very fond of Mercedes commercials. I don't know if he's trying to tell us to get one. Roko (on the right) is looking at the TV because Melo is but he doesn't get it. Not a clue.

Now it's time for me to watch TV. Baseball and hockey. And knitting!

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