Wednesday, October 23, 2013


No, I'm not resurrecting old pictures. He did it again. Roko tore the ACL in his other leg on Monday night. Beth saw our vet yesterday and they can't do surgery for 2 weeks so this afternoon they are going to Mississauga to see another surgeon. Hopefully it will be Friday or Monday. He's having a hard time walking because he doesn't want to put weight on the leg that has had surgery and he can't put any weight on the 'new' bad leg. He will go outside and if you mention a cookie he has no problems getting up so we know that he is going to be okay.

It's later in the day and Beth is on the way home from Mississauga. Surgery is scheduled for Friday and he can come home on Saturday. She said the clinic is amazing and that makes her more comfortable to take him there. It's also an emergency clinic which means that there will be vets there 24/7 with him.

Windward is growing and I can't wait to finish it. It is going to be long!

The store is totally back in order again after the Fleece Festival. Signs are on sample garments. All yarns should have price signs. I'm fairly sure that the price book is up to date. Kits have been made. Orders have been done.

I think I'm ready for the trip to Vegas. I'm still going because there is absolutely nothing I can do for Roko. Mom and dad are coming home from Myrtle Beach. We told them to stay but we couldn't change their minds. Melo will stay with them for a week or so. I have done a major grocery shopping for Beth. All the important things like mac n cheese and soup and crackers. Our cupboards were bare because I gave everything away to a food drive in September.

While I was going through the channel guide I found Top Chef. Tonight is episode 4. Beth is kind of upset that no one let us know that it was on. We're going to watch the first few online to get caught up so I need to go. Beth is beside me with her knitting yelling at me to hurry.


life ldc said...

Poor Roko......sounds like a great clinic....he will be fine.....poor Beth, back sleeping on the floor!

Candice said...

Oh, no! Not again!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That's a terrible worry (I won't go into the expense)! We have labs and know the ACL thing! I can say our experience with the Mississauga vet service has been excellent when we have needed them. Worth the drive for sure. It's so hard keeping a retriever 'quiet'. Hide all toys, lay down rubber backed mats, use a vest harness so you can help them up and down, simple ramps over steps, ramp for car, etc., etc.. These are the same things you have to do when they age, so not so bad. Sorry for the long post. Best of luck with the boys. XOX Love the knitting too - interested to see the next colour.

Lena said...

I'm guessing Roko went to MOVEH. I am a regular there and every staff member I have encountered has been amazing.