Monday, October 07, 2013

I've got a secret

Yesterday was spent knitting on a secret project for the Woodstock Fleece Festival. I'm almost done and if I like it then I will show pictures. I should finish it tonight and then block. If I don't like it then it will stay secret. :)

I did get a bit done on Windward. It was a busy TV day. Golf from early in the morning, football from 1pm-2am, baseball, Nascar, The Amazing Race and The Mentalist.

I took Windward outside to get some pictures and set the ball on a limb. It really shows off the colours!

The outside pictures of my knitting didn't turn out. The yarn looked very blue in the pictures when it is more teal. Here it is in the store.

Kim came in today with her Noro Obi Coat. It looks great. The only thing that she had to change was the sleeve length. They were way too long.
The coat is so Kim. You know when you see a pattern and right away you think of Jenny or Susie or Mary or ........? I'm sure you will see her wearing it in the store a time or two over the winter.
Beth and I just got back from Lime Ridge Mall. The cable box in my bedroom stopped working so we went to get a new one. I'm very happy. I put the TV on when I go to bed and set the sleep timer for an hour. It is very, very rare if I'm still awake when the TV goes off. I find it weird going to sleep in a dark bedroom.

Now we are watching football and baseball. Once I finish writing I will get some knitting done. Then The Blacklist. I can't wait. We've given up on Hostages. Way too slow for my liking.

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Irene said...

How much knitting can you do with Blacklist? I can't even sleep. I haven't learned to put my timer on yet. Maybe I need to. I have to try to remember how to cast on. thanks for your inspirations.