Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hello from Vegas

I'm just about to head out the door and thought that I better post because who knows when I will be back.

My flight last night was good. I knit the whole time and watched episodes of Elementary.
I got quite a bit done on Edge. The colours are off but hotel rooms aren't known for the best lighting. When I pulled it out of my bag the lady beside me commented that she should have brought her knitting too. FYI this is on addi turbos and I had another project in my bag on Karbonz. No questions asked at security.

We landed at 10:30 and by the time I got to the hotel, checked in and my luggage came to the room it was midnight. I was starving so I had dinner at BLT Burger (the fried pickles are awesome) and then played a few slots before bed. It was 2am here (5am home time) so I was up for 22 hours. Yes, I was getting a bit tired and grouchy. Beth texted at 7am here to let me know that they had Roko and he was doing fine. I slept for 2 more hours and got my day going.

The first stop was the Forum Shoppes at Caesars. Donald Pliner was having a 25% off sale. This is on the walk out of the Mirage. It was sunny and 84 here today. I probably should have spent time outside but it's Vegas and there were too many other things to do.
I came home with a pair of purple suede flats. Purple, suede and 25% off. I had to buy them :)

Then onto The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. On the way is a huge H&M store. Wouldn't this be the most awesomest yarn shop in the world??

Then into Caesars. It's Sunday so the sports book was full of people watching the NFL games.
Six huge TVs plus little ones all around. As a football fan it was amazing.

It's just getting dark here (6pm) and I'm heading over to Aria. Some dinner at Todd English's pub and then I might take the tram to the Bellagio. The night is still early and I've had an afternoon nap.

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life ldc said...

There is a yarn shop in Vegas...are you going to check it out for us armchair travellers?