Friday, May 08, 2009

Coach lives another day

Boy was Debbie scheming on last nights Survivor. She would settle for third and let JT and Steven fight it out for first. Who was she kidding? If she made it through this week she would have tried to get Taj and Erin to form a new alliance with her. Did you see Brandon, Tyson and Sierra at Tribal Council? They all had feathers in their ears like Coach.

I still think Paula is going to win Hell's Kitchen but it will be an interesting finale.

Beth is sitting beside me knitting a scarf and playing poker. There are questions coming every couple of minutes. How many rows am I supposed to do? How many rows have I done? The knitting classes she took when I first opened the store weren't worth the money.

After previewing my post I decided it needed pictures. I have some finished objects that customers brought in to show but they are on the Mac and I don't feel like going upstairs. Beth said I could take her picture knitting but I think that should be saved for her blog. I have been looking at websites to find something new for you. We received 3 new colours of Noro Kureyon for fall and here are pictures of them.

254. Just makes me want to knit another Log Cabin Afghan.

242. I think this will look great in my Lizard Ridge.

221. Another perfect Log Cabin colour.

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