Tuesday, March 02, 2021

We have a winner

 The big brown truck came this morning.

Lynn had fun playing with the Malabrigo Sock. The colours are gorgeous. This is Piedras. The minute Lynn pulled it out of the bag she screamed Lightweight Hipster by Joji.
Photos © Joji Locatelli

I did not receive all the colours of Malabrigo Sock that I ordered but I was able to order some different ones this afternoon that should be here before the April 1 cast on date for the KAL. If you don’t see a combination you like I’ll make more kits that minute the box arrives.

Andrea Mowry has a new pattern called Moonwhistle. You can purchase the pattern on Andrea’s website.
Combine squishy garter, beautiful colors and simple slipped stitches and you’ve got yourself a super lush shawl that is so fun to knit! During the colder months of the year, I always crave simple, heavier shawls to knit and to wear. This shawl kept me feeling cozy from cast on to that first wrap around my shoulders! This shawl is knit from corner to corner, sideways, increasing along one edge.
Photos © Andrea Mowry

We put together some combinations using tosh DK with Spincycle Dream State.

For my pictures the colours go C, A, B. Above is Good Omen, Wellwater and Rose. The shawl starts with stripes of A and B (Wellwater and Rose) and then there are stripes of C and A (Good Omen and Wellwater).
Ruination, Eleven Dark and Elizabeth Taylor.
Robin’s Egg, Whiskey Barrel and Esoteric.

Take a look at this finished Moonwhistle on Ravelry - it is gorgeous.

Today was ‘charge the new car day’. It sounded like it was going to be easy. It should have been easy. We fit all the pieces together and no go. After an hour of trying, reading online and calling the dealership we finally got it to work. Yup, it was easy.
Congratulations to Sue S from North Bay (sfs51 on Ravelry). You have won the bag of yarn. Beth used our dominoes to pick a winner. There were multipliers in effect but it is too complicated to explain. We ended with a multiplier of 1 and then the dice totalled 9. Sue, please send me an email so that I can mail the bag of yarn to you. Thank you to everyone who played along.

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