Monday, March 08, 2021


Karen just finished her Rose cardigan by Andrea Mowry. It is stunning!!!! You can purchase the pattern on Andrea’s website. I asked Karen if I could share her picture and she said of course. Then she offered to write about the cardigan. Thank you Karen.

Thanks Julie for the great yarn recommendation . Tosh Merino sport is incredible to work with. You helped me pick out the right colours during Covid protocols and how lovely they were. Actually there were four colours, Elizabeth Taylor, Star Scatter/solid, Dustweaver, and my favourite Good Silence. Because you did a great job of picking the colours the Dustweaver, which required 4 balls had some interesting fades so two of the balls were more grey shaded and 2 were lighter with some rose undertones, perfect. Elizabeth Taylor while stunning by itself made it seems like everything was the cuffs and waistband so I used Star Scatter for cuffs and bottom rib instead.  All instincts wanted me to use it for front band as well but the cables don't stand out as much, the sweater is all about the cables. So Good Silence, it was.  

Two things made this sweater a joy to knit, the incredible job Andrea Mowry does writing patterns, almost fainted when I saw all the pages but she had it all on two main pages for each size and so easy to follow. Thank you Andrea. A lovely project during winter days with no where to go. No way to get lost following the pattern and the happiness of both sides turning out the same size.

The other great experience was using the Tosh Sport. A beautiful yarn not only the colours but the wonderful squishy feeling of it in your fingers.Produces a perfect stitch, no splitting and tight enough to hold its shape.  A little heavier when finished but will stay perfect for a long time.  Anyone considering doing a sweater with cables this is it they stand out and make a statement.

Plan to use leftovers using Andrea's cable front pattern to make mittens. Thanks again Julie. 

I have wanted to knit this for a long time. Now it’s definitely on my to do list. This is how Andrea describes the cardigan.

This open cardigan is a true adventure in knitting! Combining unique sideways construction, cables, fading and exposed seams to create a  flattering oversized dolman style sweater that looks great on all types of  figures! Knit in one color or four, to suit your style! 

This is from Primrose Yarn’s Instagram page. I would suggest you follow them for a bit. There is something new coming on April 9. Yes, we will have every colour.

I am Lucy-sitting tomorrow. Dad is pouring concrete at an arena tomorrow and Lucy can’t sit in the truck all day. The last time they poured concrete she walked through it. Those were big footprints. 

It’s early to bed tonight. My guest will be here before 6. She will cry for the first hour because dad left her. Then she’ll sleep for a while. For the rest of the day she’ll be good for 55 minutes of every hour. The other 5 minutes will be spent crying. She’s pretty attached to my dad.

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