Monday, March 29, 2021


Linda emailed a picture of her new sweater. Stunning. It looks warm and cozy on this very cool March day. 

The sweater is called Seacross and you can purchase the pattern from The Fibre Co. The yarn is Lore.

Seacross is a seamless sweater knitted from the top down with a stunning five-colour yoke. The pattern includes two sets of instructions for the colourwork: one for knitters who are comfortable stranding several colours at once and one with swiss darning instructions for those who are less comfortable. Lore creates a light and lofty fabric that blooms beautifully when washed – perfect for colourwork!

Churchmouse Yarns has reworked their Flat Rib Popover in Rowan Cotton Cashmere. Wannietta knit me this vest twice (one grey and one beige) in Woolstok - it’s a great addition to your wardrobe.

Whether you wear it with denim or tailored pieces, this simple layer will have you dressed and out the door in a flash. It tapers imperceptibly to the hem for a boxy shape that doesn’t flare at the bottom. Dropped shoulders create a flattering line. The subtly textured rib pattern results in a smooth, flat finish that’s nice inside out, too.

We re-yarned this shell in Rowan Cotton Cashmere—a DK-weight blend of cotton and cashmere that seamlessly combines softness with strength. Cotton Cashmere is lightweight, creates clear stitch definition, and, once knit up in our Popover, a lovely drape. Plus, it’s palette of fresh, tonal shades is perfect for a summery top!

I have added a new section for Churchmouse patterns on the website. These are printed patterns to be mailed or picked up. If you would like to purchase a PDF of the pattern please visit the Churchmouse website.

I will continue adding patterns over the next few days.

The latest Field Guide arrived this morning. I will get the book on the website tomorrow. 
Off we go on a fascinating new journey! Our guide? Mary Jane Mucklestone, the beloved expert in stranded colorwork. Five designs to play with. With five interchangeable stitch motifs and the huge palette of Léttlopi yarn, we can play all day long. These are quick, tremendously fun designs to knit again and again.

The new Della Q bags should be online tomorrow afternoon as well. They were counting the boxes today and should be sending ours tomorrow.

Lucy is very at home in our house. She walks in and goes right to her spot which is beside my chair at the dinner table. 

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Lois Evensen said...

Linda's sweater at the top of your post is lovely. I like the fit - very comfy. I like my sweaters a little longer than most and definitely a little roomy. I always wear another shirt under sweaters of this type and if it's really cold outside I layer shirts underneath until I don't need to wear a coat to go out.

And, Lucy is such a sweetie. What a precious face!