Tuesday, March 16, 2021


Ms. UPS and her Big Brown Truck came early this morning with our Malabrigo Sock. While playing with colours I came up with these for a Find Your Fade.

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Photo © Andrea Mowry

I have knit this shawl three times and will definitely make it again.

There are lots of kits available for the Temperance Shawl. I could have kept going but it was time to come home and finish my newsletter. It’s almost done and should go out in the morning.

Anne sent me an email today with an amazing project that she just finished. WOW!!!

I wanted to show you the pretty shawl I made using a minikin pack, The Neutral Zone, from Freia Fibers. I look forward to planning my next project with different gradient mini packs!

I was surprised that I went to a 4.5mm needle, but that worked well. Lovely yarn. A treat to knit! 

I cannot send you other photos because this was a gift and it has gone off to the recipient. However, here it is unblocked at 32”, so it grew 14” in blocking. 

The pattern is Pi Shawl by Jen Lucas. She is on Ravelry.

Jen Lucas has two Pi Shawls but I think this is the pattern that Anne followed.

I’ve sat in front of the computer for far too long today. It’s time for my Peppermint Tea and a few rows of knitting.

Play time. You’d think that they are going to kill each other with the growling and barking. We separate them and then they are back together doing it again.

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Sallie said...

Beautiful yarn colors. I wish I knew how to knit properly. I can do the stitches but sometimes I get confused and need to check if I am doing the steps right. I have only tried a swatch and I think I knit too tight. The photos are beautiful too.