Thursday, March 18, 2021


Lynn and I were dancing this morning when the Big Brown Truck pulled up. We had a box from Spincycle.

This is Overshadow - a brand new colour of Dream State. There will be one or two skeins going into my stash. 

We have more Cold Comfort Dyed in the Wool. This is gorgeous! 

The first thing I did when I saw Overshadow was pull colours for a Nightshift. I brought the 6 skeins home so that I could lay them out in the correct order for the shawl. 

  • Melancholia
  • Neveruary
  • Overshadow
  • The Family Jewels
  • Good Omen
  • Ruination
This is numbering them A - F like Andrea does. You will cast on with Melancholia and all colours will be combined with Melancholia to start the shawl. The last two colours will be Overshadow as the background and The Family Jewels as the contrast. I am going to put the skeins back in the bag and take them to the store. I WILL NOT START!!!

I used Andrea’s Nightshift picture and wrote in which colours will be the background colour. 

Photo © Andrea Mowry

We also received more Versus in the colour Slow & Steady.
This is the colour that Andrea uses for Cinnabar along with Dyed in the Wool Devilish Grin. 
Photos © Andrea Mowry

Garter and brioche will always be my go-to ingredients for creating my favorite shawls to knit and wear! This shawl plays with two-color Garter and Brioche with the increases offset to create an asymmetrical shawl that wants to be wrapped right around you! This shawl turns up the volume on texture by using DK weight yarn in one color and Sport weight yarn in the other color!

I was home early to take part in a Zoom call with Rowan. Fall Rowan looks great. The only information I am going to share is that Rowan is increasing the sizes that the patterns are being written in to be more size inclusive. There will be one size smaller and three sizes larger. This is great news - Rowan for everyone!
Beth’s scarf is growing and so far she is happy with the colours. She is telling me to hurry so we can watch something on TV - her fingers are itching to knit.

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