Tuesday, March 09, 2021


Birds of a Feather

Did you receive Andrea Mowry’s newsletter this morning? If you don’t receive her emails you can sign up here - you can also purchase all of Andrea’s patterns here.

Last year, as most of began our first stay-at-home orders, I launched the DRK March to May Sweater KAL to create a space where we could gather and find support as we eased our minds with knitting. This year I am thrilled to carry on the tradition and make it even better by including Shawls!!

Many of us don’t have a local knitting group, so this is a great way to get together online with other knitters and enjoy the company and support of our peers as we dive into a new knit. Cheer each other on, share tips and make some new friends! (I met one of my absolute best friends during a KAL!) Everyone is welcome here!

I have created two forums and you are of course welcome to participate in either or BOTH. Please use the links below to find all the KAL information and then make sure to introduce yourself and let us know what you plan to work on! (Don't forget to post a picture of your yarn so we can all get inspired!)

You can find the Sweater Forum Here and the Shawl Forum Here.

P.S. KAL = knitalong: a gathering of makers who all knit together virtually or in person with a common thread - be it pattern, theme or topic.  

Susan emailed me a picture of her finished cardigan today. It is stunning! Perfect timing - another amazing pattern from Andrea.

I finished my Winters Beach Cardi and I love how it turned out.  The Hedgehog Tweedy is a joy to knit with. I thought it turned out a bit short but after blocking I managed to get another inch or so in length.

Andrea’s patterns are so amazing it came together very quickly. The afterthought pocket worked out great as well.

We are trying to get more Tweedy. Hopefully I will have a date later this week. 

I love Andrea’s Nightshift. Here are 3 versions that we knit in Noro Akari.

Lucy arrived before 6am and was ‘Lucy’. Lots of crying and she couldn’t get settled. We just ignored her and she got better as the day went on. Beth and Boscoe left and went to the dog park and then onto the arena to see the pour.

Yes, he needed a bath when he got home. He will need another bath tomorrow because he’s still dirty.

It’s less than a week until the launch of Rowan Magazine 69. You can preorder the magazine.

Rowan Magazine 69 for Spring Summer 2021 features forty timeless knitwear designs across two stories. Nostalgia for men and women revisits the golden moments of the 1950's, adding a playful, modern twist to the vintage fashion trend. Whilst Martin Storey's Cotton Classics is an exquisite collection for women that blends comfort and wearability with understated luxury.

When I started to write my post I talked about Andrea’s patterns and then tried to add Rowan at the beginning of the post. For some reason Blogger was being disagreeable so Rowan is ending the evening.

These patterns are in the Nostalgia section of the magazine.

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