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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Saturday's Public Service Announcement

I'm trying to get some projects finished for the Knitters' Fair.

The first is from a Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat mini skein pack. I fudged the finish of it before the Knitters' Frolic (because I was trying to finish it the night before the show). It has bothered me since so I took back 20 rows this week and am finishing it properly.
I still have 6 rows to go but I wanted a picture before I left work today.

Pattern: Quaker Lines (purchased on Ravelry)

Today's Public Service Announcement
Mark down what size needles you knit the project on. If you leave a project in a box for a while, it's usually on the needles. Mine was totally cast off. And when I look at what I've knit this week I think I picked the wrong size needle. I might have been working on a 3.75mm and now I'm on a 4mm. Hopefully blocking will help.

The other project that I'm trying to finish is Outline. I think I'll make it. We're having a Netflix marathon tonight - The Good Wife. Knitting tomorrow and Monday is a holiday so I should have more knitting time. I'm feeling hopeful.

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