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Monday, September 26, 2016

Outline Take 2

There was a bit of knitting at Camp. Here is Outline. I loved knitting the first one and started playing with a totally different colour scheme.

This isn't the best plane knitting. There are five 100 grams skeins - that takes up a lot of room in my carry on bag. There is room in my suitcase so it will come along. Instead I've picked this.

A SweetGeorgia Party of Five to make another Hitchhiker. I wore mine all weekend at Camp and love it. I'm starting with the purple and working to lime.

Speaking of Hitchhiker, here is Sarah's. She's almost finished the fourth colour. I can't wait until the Fleece Festival. We are going to look sharp in our scarves.

The Woodstock Fleece Festival is a great show. Knitting, weaving, spinning, dying, rug hooking, felting and animals. I've been told that the lunch served at the show is really, really good. We love doing this show. The weather has started to get cold and it feels like knitting weather.

Now it's time to finish packing. Who am I kidding? There will be time for that tomorrow. I'm going to knit. :)

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