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Monday, September 05, 2016

Holiday Monday

Quaker Lines has been cast off and is soaking in Soak. I tried indoor pictures today because it was so sunny out. And hot and my friend was quite happy to be in the air conditioned house.

These are the sunflowers I was talking about yesterday. Next year we are going to throw some seeds behind our house.

There are many great things about a holiday Monday. Unfortunately I'm trying to get things ready for the Fair and ran out of printer ink. :( I'm stuck until tomorrow evening. I guess I'm going to knit this afternoon.

I did a bit of knitting while watching the golf and Jays. Now the Tiger Cats are on. Hopefully they start playing better because so far they are bad.

I didn't finish but I'm close. These pictures show the colours much better than the pictures from last night.
I'm going to knit for another hour or so and then bed to make sure I get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow the packing begins.

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