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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Studio Linen Collection

While I was away I mentioned that we received a new linen from Erika Knight. There are great patterns for the yarn in the store.

See all the patterns for Studio Linen...
A collection of individual design leaflets featuring simple patterns that are classic and wearable. Studio Linen is cool to the touch and has a delicate drape making it perfect for summer garments that will get better with wear and age.
There is more work happening at our house. We are getting a driveway and I'm very excited. Hopefully it will cut down on the dust in our house. I'll be able to put my car in the garage which doesn't really matter right now but it will when the snow starts.

They are ready to do the front porch, steps and borders.

I should be doing work but I'm a bit tired. Staying up way too late watching the Olympics. I didn't get one stitch knit on my Olympic shawl today so I'm going to try and do a few rows before it's bed time.

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