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Friday, August 12, 2016

Log Cabin Afghan

The Log Cabin Afghan (free pattern) is one of my favourite knits and it looks amazing.

Cathy took these pictures of her afghan a few summers ago at the cottage. I can't stop showing them. And every time I do I want to pick up my yarn and make a few more squares. I have one finished afghan and am working on a second one.

The pattern calls for 20 squares but Cathy decided to make 25. I think my second afghan will be 25 squares too.

Why am I showing this today?

1. I'm jealous that she's at the cottage and I'm here :)
2. We have kits for the afghan and the price has been reduced. Right now the kits are $200 and that includes the black border.

Here is my afghan.

The project is very portable. You are knitting individual squares (each one uses a whole ball of Noro Kureyon) and then the squares are put together. But they aren't sewn - they are knit together. It's easier than it sounds.

Don't miss out on a fun project that looks amazing and will last forever.


Trina said...

Hi Julie, this has always been on my wish list. I've done one square with a leftover ball of Kuryeon. So do the kits have 20 balls of Kuryeon...similar colours to the one shown? Thanks! Trina

Julie said...

Hi Trina
The kit has 20 balls of Kureyon.
The colours are a bit different than mine (and Cathy's) because some of the colours have been discontinued. We put together kits of 20 colours that work together.

David Hutton said...

Hi Julie. Are these kits available in the store?

Julie said...

Hi David
We've made up quite a few of the kits and they are in the store.