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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Knitters' Fair

There are only 24 sleeps until the Knitters' Fair. We are busy getting samples knit and orders placed.

The speaker this year will be Anne Hanson
Anne Hanson, owner of Knitspot and Bare Naked Wools, is a popular and respected knitwear designer and yarn producer. She will be speaking about her company, what inspires her to create, and the reason she uses small batch, family-owned mills and farms for her yarn line, Bare Naked Wools. Anne will discuss the interest that hand-spinning peaked in her, and how the many types of natural fibers had personalities of their own. After wishing there was some way to make hand-spun yarn more accessible to knitters, Anne found herself at the right place when working on another project with Mountain Meadow Wool Mill. She began sending unique undyed, natural yarn clubs out to hundreds of eager knitters, and from there came her own yarn company with many lines and featured fibers. Anne will discuss why she chose to use small mills and farms and how her yarn has evolved into a marker for wearable, fun clothing and accessories through her Ensemble project.
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Cathy's pictures from the cottage have me excited about Camp and sitting by the lake.
Attention Campers. An email has gone out with homework and it has been posted on the Camp Blog. Now there is no excuse for you to come without your homework :)

Someone started puppy school last night. Beth said that as she was walking Lucy in she could hear people whispering 'is that a puppy?'.


Trina said...

McCanns for puppy school? If so, my dental hygienist was also starting there last Wed. evening with Henry....a Labradoodle!! We took Ella there too.

Julie said...

Hi Trina - yes McCanns. I think it's the only place to go :)