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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Kaffe Fassett

He's all about colour. If you flip through any of the 60 magazines from Rowan, you can easily pick out the designs from Kaffe.
This gorgeous free pattern has been designed by Kaffe Fassett in Kid Classic and Felted Tweed. This beautiful vest uses both fairisle and intarsia techniques with gorgeous squares of colour for a stylish and eye-catching effect, a classic Kaffe garment.
Download the free pattern...

A shipment just arrived from Cocoknits which included Yarn Snips.
This rustic, one-piece snip is made of forged black steel and comes packaged in a kraft tube for easy portability and storage. When not in use, the snip sticks to the Knitter's Keep.
4" in length.

Please note these are snips, not scissors, and they are imperfectly hand-forged. They have a nice heft in the hand, and the good news is that no one is going to borrow them from your knitting kit – they are really only good for snipping yarn!

We have more colored stitch markers as well. I'm using the Colored Ring Stitch Markers on my Eccentric Chevron Wrap. They slide along well and are very easy to find if you drop one on the floor.

The work started early this morning.

It's almost finished. Tomorrow they are saw cutting it and then Monday they are sealing it. Two more weeks and then we can drive on it. The other good thing is being able to sleep in. No people here at 7am to work :)

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