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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Heading Home

It's my last night here. I'm sad about leaving but happy to be getting home. Some Olympics/knitting and then bed. I hope the men's swimming is as exciting as the ladies was last night. I need to be up early to get the house in order. This is the time when staying in a hotel looks good - you close the door and walk away. Someone else worries about the towels and sheets and everything else.
It has been bright and sunny all day. I headed to dinner and came home to it getting dark. I keep forgetting that it gets dark here a lot earlier than at home. I'd say 45 minutes earlier. I ran outside to get pictures. 
I tried to do something fun in a tree but it didn't really work. It doesn't show the pattern but it really shows the colours. I won't be able to work on this during the flight. You cut the yarn every row to make the fringes and that could drive me crazy on an airplane. There isn't a lot of room to spread out. 
Lynn is progressing on her shawl as well. She said she loves the colour and is really enjoying knitting with tosh sock. She's been off today and she has tomorrow off. I think she should be at the lace section when I see her on Tuesday :)

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