Thursday, August 18, 2016


Chevrione is knit starting from the small end of the triangle to the end, where it is bound off using a picot bind off! It can be worked with lots of beads, a few beads, or no beads at all. Chevrione was specifically designed to use gradients, as the wave pattern shows beautifully with the gradient. This pattern includes both full written and charted instructions, and can easily be modified for size by working extra repeats of Chart B, or omitting repeats of Chart B.
Pattern: Chevrione by Rosemary Hill (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: fingering weight

Have you looked at a gradient kit but weren't sure what to knit? Chevrione is perfect.
A Party of Five mini skein pack from Sweetgeorgia would work
If you use a Cheshire Cat mini skein kit then you will get an even bigger shawl.
If you use one of the new gradient kits from Prism you will get a huge shawl.
The new shawl ball from Freia would look awesome too.

If you aren't into a lot of colour then a skein of handpainted yarn would look great too. Romi's patterns are beautiful and very well written. You can't go wrong.

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