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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Getting Ready for Camp

We have a new sweater in the store. Thanks Lynda - it looks great.

Pattern: Cromwell Pullover (you can purchase the pattern on Ravelry or in the store)
Yarn: Woolstok from Blue Sky Fibers
Cromwell is the new favorite sweater. With longer sleeves, a roomy neckline, 3x1 ribbing and a relaxed fit, it gives a modern look to the traditional raglan-sleeve pullover. Knit in one piece from the top down with springy worsted weight Woolstok. It’s a great advanced beginner piece.
The sweater is surprisingly light. You think wool sweater and the first thing that comes to mind is hot and heavy. This sweater is neither.

One note on the sweater - the sleeves are very long. I originally thought that Lynn had really short arms but then I looked at the pattern picture. The sleeves on the model are very long.

While I was away, Lynn sewed the ends in on my shawl.
Pattern: Lamina Wrap (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: 2 skeins of Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat and 2 Cheshire Cat mini skein kits (Beautiful Soup and Gyre & Gimble)

My shawl is very long and I love it. But because it is so long, I needed two skeins of the solid colour. If you want the shawl to be the length from the pattern then you will only do three pattern repeats of each colour (and then you will only use one skein of the solid colour). I didn't want leftover yarn so I did four repeats of each colour.

I've been working on Camp this morning. Homework should be emailed out by the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

Love the sweater! Lynda was so helpful when I was in the store yesterday!

kathy b said...

That wrap is just gorgeous. NICE work Great color choices

Candice said...

I'm in the middle of making shortened sleeves on my Cromwell. The yarn really is fantastic. The sweater is cute, but I'd like it if it was a bit A-line. Going to try Berroco's Nadia in Blue Sky's Woolstok sometime.