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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Unique Heels

I was so happy to find my flowers finally blooming this morning. There are a few left that the deer didn't get.

Pattern: Smooth Operator Socks (purchased on Ravelry)

From the designer, Susan B. Anderson
I love knitting top-down socks and I love self-striping and patterning sock yarn. I also love it when the patterning in the yarn doesn’t get broken up or rearranged on the front of the sock. This often happens when you are knitting the heel section of the sock. To avoid this problem I started exploring the afterthought heel, where the heel stitches are placed on waste yarn and saved for later. With a little variation of my own, I’ve found that this heel is a clever and perfect solution for your striping sock yarn woes.

What’s different about the Smooth Operator Socks you might ask? The pattern is written for four different sizes and includes instructions for both double-pointed needles and Magic Loop. The tutorial pattern is written in conversational style with tips and tricks along the way. The pattern includes step-by-step tutorials with photos but also has a quick read version at the end for those who don’t need the tutorial or want to have a printed version. The quick version is 3-pages long without photos.

I have a modified twist for placing the heel waste yarn that makes it much easier to remove later. Also, I’ve never loved the look of the bars of stitches in between the decreases that run along both sides of the heel and toe. I’ve found a sleeker decrease sequence to eliminate those bars so the sock looks almost completely seamless and so smooth. I like to complete the afterthought heel before the foot of the sock is finished so taking accurate measurements for the foot length is much easier.

I hope you enjoy knitting the Smooth Operator Socks as much as I do. This is now my go-to sock for self-striping or patterning yarn although it will work for variegated, solid or tonal yarns just as well. Best of all, the fit is perfect!
I saw these socks on Ravelry and sent a message to Susan right away asking if I could use her pictures in a blog post. Her technique looks intriguing. 

I should have been putting yarn away today. I should have updated the website. I should have swept the floor. I didn't do any of these. I knit instead.

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Sally said...

Good for you ! Too much work is never a good thing. Julie, I haven't heard you mention the Blue Jays yet. They are getting some good games happening. Just beat the Royals in a home stand, 3 games out of three. :-)