Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Planning for Fall

I like to plan. That includes my knitting. What am I going to make when I'm finished my current project?

Here are some great designs that will be in Rowan Magazine #60. The magazine should be in the store at the end of August/beginning of September. That gives you enough time to finish your current project and be ready for something new and exciting for fall.

I can't wait. It's hard to believe that we are up to #60. I opened the store in August of 1987 and the first yarn I bought was Rowan. That was the first year for the Rowan Magazine. The Needle Emporium has been listed as a stockist in the back of every issue.


Michelle B said...

Looks fabulous!! I WANT that skirt. Wonder what it's made out of...

Julie said...

The skirt is knit in Felted Tweed.