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Saturday, July 02, 2016

Almost Finished

You'd think that if you watched a baseball game for 6 hours you would progress further on your knitting. This is all I accomplished yesterday. There were many phone calls between my dad and myself. Have the Jays heard of something called a bunt? Seriously. It was 6 hours of frustration!
Roko and Melo aren't really enamoured with Lucy right now. Beth dropped them for a visit while she went grocery shopping. Things are getting a bit better with every visit. Roko and Melo need to watch out - Lucy is going to be bigger than them.
Dad weighed her last night and she is up to 20lbs. She looks like a little angel lying here. Don't let the picture fool you :)


Julie Ann said...

Looks just angelic!!! She's growing so fast Julie!

Candice said...

Such a difference from your last post of Lucy to this. They really do grow too quickly.