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Monday, April 25, 2016

What month is it?

The NHL playoffs = lots of knitting time. And a game that goes into double overtime is great. Here is a much better picture of the shawl so far. I really need to get a friend at home who will model for me.
The knitting time has been cut a bit because I've been working on my tax return. It's almost done. Then power knitting for Saturday.

My goodness it is cold outside. I'm not sure what month it is. I'm looking at the Weather Network on my phone and it says -2 for tomorrow night. WHAT??? At least it looks like a nice weekend. There is nothing worse than packing/unpacking for a show in the rain.

The Jays are on and I need to get back to the taxes. I want to do another hours worth of work before the Chicago/St. Louis game starts.

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