Friday, April 15, 2016

Quaker Lines

We've just had the one year anniversary in our house. This awesome chair is in our loft but I haven't spent much time (OK, none) in it. Last night Beth went to bed early but I wanted to watch baseball, hockey, hockey, hockey and hockey - the NHL playoffs have started. It was a good time to try the chair.
A great view of the TV.
My shawl is growing.

I picked the Mice in the Tea colourway from Frabjous. My pattern is Quaker Lines (purchased on Ravelry)

Take a look at kgartley's shawl. She used a Frabjous kit and it caught my eye.

The yarn is very soft and I like knitting with it. I can't wait to get home and do some more rows. 

I changed to the Addi Rockets and they are great. Just a bit pointier than the original addis.

The weather is nice so someone came out of hiding. It was really, really dirty so I stopped at the car wash on the way to work. Now it's shiny and ready for the nice weather. It wasn't quite warm enough today to have the top down but it will be on Sunday.
A newsletter went out this morning and there was a link missing that I didn't catch before I hit send. I talked about the discontinued Rowan yarns but my link was wrong. Here is the correct link...

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