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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mice in the Tea

My goal was to have the first colour finished last night and I did it. I've been working on the second colour today. The pattern has two sections. I'm working on section one and it is very easy to memorize. When I'm almost finished with the purple I will switch to the second section. This will create the boomerang shaping.
I don't think that I can get it done in time for the Frolic but I'm going to try.

Did you know that the yarns from Frabjous Fibers are dyed and spun in the US?

There would have been more knitting today but it was so nice out that we went for a drive with the top down. Where to? DQ of course. It was an ice cream kind of day.

Then I worked on kits for the Frolic. The Technicolor Cowl. I could only do so many because there is a big shipment of mini skeins arriving on Friday. I can't wait to see the combinations that I can put together.
Now it's knitting time again. Two hockey games and a baseball game. And since I'm knitting with a deadline it's not really knitting for fun - I'm knitting for work :)

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