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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

What month is it?

What an amazing day. Is it November or June? It didn't start off well (more about that later) but it's great now. Well, it would be better if I was on the golf course with Beth.

I ended up knitting another Inspira Cowl. I couldn't help myself.
I went away from the brights this time and really like it.

Beth has been busy with Camelot. This is a Classic Elite pattern - Two Direction Scarf (purchased on Ravelry).
The pattern was originally knit in Liberty but Beth wanted something mindless for Camelot. She used three balls for her scarf. You start with the garter stitch section (she used 2 balls and when they were finished she cast off) and then you pick up along the edge for the ribbed section. She used one ball for that. You can make the garter stitch section as long as you want. You can also make the scarf wider by doing more rows of the ribbed section.

This morning was about dealing with frustration. We took possession of our house 7 months ago. At the time I asked for a new front door because ours was marked and dented. I was told no but that they would fix the door and repaint it. This is my door today. Still not repainted. We have been calling and today was the day. I stayed home to meet the painter and he didn't show. His boss had no clue where he was. They say tomorrow. So Beth has to stay home to meet the guy.
Hopefully I get home tomorrow night to a pretty purple door. Yes, there is a theme to the doors. The store has a purple door. Myrtle Beach has a purple door too. What can I say? I have a purple problem.

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