Sunday, November 15, 2015


Beth started her first Multi-Directional scarf (pattern free on Ravelry) before I went to Myrtle Beach. She is almost at the final triangle which requires something a bit different. Not hard but she wasn't sure so she set that scarf aside and started another.

Left Scarf (the first one started): Classic Elite Camelot on 5mm needles
Right Scarf: Classic Elite Liberty on 5mm needles

I had another blog post written but I need to save it for a few days. I wrote about something that we are selling in the store and then I realized that we needed more stock. Orders have been placed and I'll post when it arrives.

While we're talking about stripes...
If you're looking for an easy scarf that looks great, take a look at the Noro Striped Scarf from BrooklynTweed. The pattern is free on Ravelry and is knit in two colours of Noro Silk Garden - 2 balls of each colour. This is my scarf from many years ago. The colours are discontinued but I'll find you something equally as nice.

Want some colour inspiration? There are over 4000 scarves pictured on Ravelry knit in Silk Garden - here is the link...

My mystery knit a long is growing. I'm on the 17th (and last) wedge. Beth keeps reminding me that I need to pick up the pace. The next clue is printed and I hope to start it tomorrow. I'm not sure how much knitting will happen tonight. Homeland is taping. That show requires a lot of concentration. We also started watching Quantico. I'm undecided but have watched 6 episodes so I'm in for the season. The show jumps forwards and backwards in time so you need to pay attention to it as well.

Now I need to find a file on my laptop. I looked earlier and couldn't find it so I thought it was on the upstairs computer. Not there either. Back to the laptop.

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