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Monday, November 09, 2015

Lazy Monday

I woke up to rain. And chilly. Not a day to inspire you to do anything. I went to my parents and dad made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Them we visited a new store, Gander Mountain, which just opened near our houses.
The store was mainly hunting and fishing. I'm not into hunting so we bypassed half the store. I'm not really into fishing either. Dad likes Bass Pro Shops better because they have boats and a tank of fish. I think that we could used some of our old, out of date yarns to make outfits like this.
Then I headed to the mall to pick up some things for mom. Beth asked me to go to Kay Jewellers to pick up this season's bears. Trey and Travis.
Kay Jewelers is raising money for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This year you can choose between two plush teddy bears Trey & Travis which retail for $13.99 each. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to St. Jude. So stop in for more info & help a child in need. It's well worth it and just in time for Back to School. Join in to help fight childhood cancer.

All profits no less than $7 of the purchase price of each "Trey" and "Travis", will be donated to St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.
The Doodler is slowly growing. It would be further along except for the afternoon nap, dinner our, grocery shopping for mom and dad and then doing a tosh order (I received an email today with the new colours for spring.) Oh yeah, there has been time trying to get email working again on my computer, iPhone and iPad now that the website is back up.

We might see the sun tomorrow so I can get a better picture. The stripes aren't bold but I'm carrying on. Things could change on Friday when the next clue comes out but I really like the teal/brown main colour.

Now I'm going to sign off and sit for a while.

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