Thursday, November 26, 2015

Boy am I dumb

I might scream. I did it again. The post was started in the store and finished at home. I came to work and reset the post. Oh my goodness. As my mom would say "Boy am I dumb!" The day started out so well. I went to the license bureau and there was no one there. No one. I thought I'd be there for an hour and it was five minutes. I came to work early to get mail orders packed. I found yarn that I couldn't find yesterday. It was going so well. I'm going to try and rewrite my post and then sit down and have a tea. Maybe I can get the day back on track.

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends south of the border. I'm celebrating with you - a turkey sandwich for lunch. The TV is on and I'm watching football and knitting.

I cast on some easy knitting last night. The Ombre Cowl Hood in double strand Kidsilk Haze Stripe. I'm using colour 361. And it's a good thing I had something mindless last night. Survivor was great. The blindsides happening at tribal council this season are awesome. Some seasons the tribal councils are so boring and you know who is going to be voted out. This time you are on the edge of your seat.

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Anonymous said...

Julie, You've mentioned a couple of times recently about losing your post but I generally read you blog in "Bloglovin" and I can see both posts, both times. I'm not sure what that means from your end but you are posting them somewhere :) Cheers!